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Petro Tape Anti-Corrosion Tape (Fita Anti Corroso) - Cod. Produto NV2055

Anti-corrosive Tapes

is a neutral petrolatum based system designed to isolate all metal surface. It is developed for long-life protection against corrosion and the water-proofing of pipes, flanges and valves for marine use and the most severe atmospheric, buried and submerged metal surfaces. STAC Tape has a high degree of conformability which allows for application over irregular surface profiles in ships. It is non-toxic and no V.O.C. The tape offers stability in composition and plasticity over a wide temperature range, Non- hardening and non-cracking , highly resistant to acids, alkalis and salts.

Specifications :


1.2 mm


1.4 kg/M




5 C -55 C

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